It’s official: I am once again a sports fan

For those of you who know me, this might seem like a ridiculous statement. After all, I learned to read by reading sports stories in the newspaper, I memorized the back of baseball cards as a kid and I spent a ton of my life writing about college basketball.

But something happened somewhere in the mid-2000s. I was burned out on sports — or at least sportswriting. I was tired of coaches, I was tired of athletes getting into trouble, I was tired of calls/emails from fans. The job that I thought I would do forever had become a serious drag. It was no longer fun.

In the spring of 2007, I covered Tubby Smith being hired as the University of Minnesota men’s basketball coach, covered the Final Four and pretty much said goodbye to being a sportswriter.

It has been seven-plus years since then and I’ve gone through stretches where I cared about sports and others where I wasn’t all that interested. But I think I’ve come to a point where I again like it.

A little more a month ago, I spent a weekend in Arizona. I played some golf, hung out with my parents and actually attended two sporting events — a NHL game and a NFL game — in less than 24 hours with my father.

When I posted a photo on Instagram from the Arizona Cardinals-Washington Redskins game, a friend of mine left a comment indicated he was stunned that I would be at a NFL game. Not only was I at a NFL game, I had a great time.

Since then, I have found myself doing things that I didn’t do in recent years: I have tickets to six Wild games this season and have pondered if I should buy a jersey; I again purchased the NHL package to watch all games online; I’m pondering again purchasing the NBA League Pass; I set up and organized a fantasy hockey pool and I have actually scheduled my life around some recent televised sporting events. I’m tweeting more about sports on the television in front of me. All in all, I’m just more engaged in the world of sports.

Now I’m not going to listen to wall-to-wall sports talk radio, paint my face or be blind to the issues that are out there, but I’ve reached the point where I’m interested in again writing some about my thoughts on sports, interesting pieces of media I have consumed and places I’ve been.

How much will I post? That’s TBD, to be honest. I would like to say “on a regular basis” as there is a lot of wiggle room there.

I have some ideas of some topics, I’ll post some links, I’ll even provide some opinions. And I’ll go from there.


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