The coolest Little League sponsors ever

Growing up, I always played for a youth baseball team that was sponsored by the father of one of my teammates/classmates. He had a gas station/convenience store/oil change place. It always had really good popcorn (free), but that’s probably a story for another time.

For most of my adult life, I believed the Bad News Bears had the greatest sponsor in the history of youth baseball. I mean, why wouldn’t you want Chico’s Bail Bonds to sponsor your child’s team? Aside: A quick Google search shows that there really are several bail bond shops across the country that are called Chico’s.

But the Orioles in the West Akron Little League now have the coolest sponsor ever: Indie rock band The Black Keys.

The Sporting News wrote about how the rock and roll band got its name on the back of a bunch of orange T-shirts in Ohio.

The video that goes with it is pretty good as well.



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