A simple summer goal

Here’s a fitting post on the first day in which the temperature might reach 90 degrees.

The fine folks at something called minneapolis.eater.com recently put together a list of the 10 microbrew taprooms in the Twin Cities.

Of the 10 on this list, I’ve only been to the Fulton taproom right by Target Field. I’ve been to Summit, but that was for an event, so I’m not counting it.

That has to change. That will change. It will be the summer of beer.

My simple goal for the summer is to visit all 10 Twin Cities tap rooms. I will experience new brews. I will eat from food trucks parked outside. I will expand my horizons. I will not go to the same handful of places I normally frequent.

It has been blogged. So it must be so.



2 thoughts on “A simple summer goal

  1. Amen Jeff, I also have only visited Fulton. Summit is near our new abode. This needs to change. I’m with you.

    • That’s what I think. Nothing wrong with expanding one’s horizons and responsibly enjoying a couple of cold adult beverages.

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