Three to read: March 16

One: Here’s a story that ran in the Des Moines Register yesterday by former Cyclone and former NBA player Paul Shirley. Basically he talks about how much of a mess Iowa State during his senior season and how the players were very tired of Larry Eustachy.

Here’s a great line: “A secret about the NCAA Tournament: Most of the time, the best team rarely wins it all. Oh, it’s one of the better teams, but being good isn’t enough. The teams that are successful in March (and April) share one characteristic: their members don’t hate each other.

Two: Maybe college kids are getting a little smarter. Today’s NYT story: Spring Break Gets Tamer As The World Watches talks about how many spring breakers aren’t being quite as crazy in part because they are afraid pictures or video of them doing stupid/drunk stuff will end up on Facebook or some other spot on the Internet. Frankly, this is encouraging. I recently spoke to a bunch of aspiring PR students and they talked about references and resumes and I said, “That’s great, but you do realize that anyone hiring is going to stalk you on Facebook and Twitter, so clean that stuff up.”

Three: Apparently at least when it comes to t-shirt sales, Linsanity is over.  So I guess this means one of two things. Either everyone who ever wanted a Lin t-shirt has bought one. Or the hype machine is starting to break down. My feeling is that Lin is a nice player who will be a solid NBA contributor for several years — he’s fearless going to the basket and he has some length that makes it tough for smaller PGs to guard him — but he’s probably not an All-Star and certainly isn’t a franchise player.


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