Three to Read: March 14

Couple of interesting stories today.

One.Is this the NHL’s Zapruder Film by Mike Sielski from the Wall Street Journal

First, the story is really interesting as it examines whether the LA Kings got some home cookin’ from the timekeeper at Staples Center. But I find the story just as interesting because I wonder how much attention this would have received had it involved a Canadian team or the Rangers, Penguins, Bruins, Red Wings, Flyers or Black Hawks. Because it was the Columbus Blue Jackets, does it not matter as much.

Two. A Dahlman Family Tradition by Brian Stensaas at the Star Tribune

I wonder exactly how many stories I wrote at the Star Tribune that referenced Braham native and former Michigan State wing Isaiah Dahlman. Had to have been a bunch. While he never lived up to the hype, there was a lot of hype. Noah Dahlman had a really nice run in the Southern Conference at Wofford. And now the little sis is going to be the state’s all-time leading girls basketball scorer. A look at her.

Three. The 23 Rules for Winning March Madness by Jason Gay of the WSJ

A funny look at what will be the biggest sports story of the next three weeks.


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