Why am I bummed about Ricky Rubio’s left knee? Watch and see

When Ricky Rubio grabbed his left knee Friday night, it was hard to know just how bad it was really going to be. I initially thought he might have just banged legs with Kobe Bryant and things would be OK.

But when he tried to walk on the baseline during a timeout and couldn’t, it was clear that things weren’t going to be good.

Thanks to modern medicine, a torn ACL isn’t nearly as bad as it once was, but the injury still ends Rubio’s season.

Shawn Fury blogged about Rubio’s injury and the Timberwolves here and it is worth a click. He also found this highlight video of the Wolves PG. It’s less than three minutes long, but it shows exactly why I’m bummed about Rubio’s injury.

He made watching the Wolves fun for more than just NBA junkies like me. He turned the bounce pass into can’t miss viewing. His energy and happiness was almost contagious. It was simply awesome.

I don’t think the Wolves are done, but I am afraid that no Rubio = no playoffs. So watch this 2:50 of Rubio goodness. Hopefully it will get you excited about the future.


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