Three to Read: March 13

One thing I do a lot of and am good at is consuming media. I read in the morning. I almost always take my iPad with me to lunch. And I see a lot of links on Twitter.

I have several friends who get emails from me with links to cool stories. But I’m going to now try to expand things. My goal is to post three good stories here on a fairly regular basis. There will be days when it just isn’t possible thanks to my workload at the real job and I’m not going to promise when I might post, but expect to see some good stuff here.

Topics and media outlets will be from all over the board. I won’t focus only on long stories or narratives. I’m not going to post only sports stories. I think there will be a mix.

So here it goes, the inaugural Three to Read.

One:When Mom Goes Viral from James Hagerty at the Wall Street Journal

Yes, you have heard about the friendly food critic at the Grand Forks Herald who wrote glowingly about the Olive Garden. Guess what? Her son is at the WSJ and writes about her new fame from his perspective.

Two: How Long Beach State Got In, by John Branch at The New York Times

Many of you know I have a history with ex-Gophers and current Long Beach State basketball coach Dan Monson (hint, it didn’t end well). Anyway, John Branch (who wrote the awesome Derek Boogaard series in the NYT) got great access with the 49ers at the Big West Tournament. It’s a nice behind-the-scenes story about a team that won its regular-season conference title, but has to win the conference tourney to get into the NCAA Tournament.

Three: Portland Timbers Start Their Season Singing in the Rain by John Canzano at The Oregonian

Very nice scene piece from Canzano about the season opener for the MLS’ Portland Timbers. Canzano ditched the comfortable press box to sit in the rain with the real fans. I have grown to like soccer and am fascinated by the fans. I didn’t know a whole lot when I went to a Columbus Crew game back in the late ’90s. This was a nice piece.

A great quote: There was a wonderful quote in this story about 20-somethings and hotels in the NYT

Mr. Hanson said wall-to-wall — and free — Wi-Fi service was not only demanded but expected. “High-speed Internet is almost like air to Millennials,” he added, with most considering it as essential as beds and towels.


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