5 thoughts on “Unbelievable Kevin Durant video

  1. And Dyckman, of course, because while you might only see Durant score 30 there, you’ll get to see Beasley mush. It was funny reading people on Twitter last night talking about how Durant learned last night that Dyckman is tougher than Rucker because of the atmosphere and more defense. I’m a Team Dyckman guy but he still scored 32 and that was without hitting a single 3. Could have had 45-50 if he was hitting from there. Defense is not going to be the name of the game in streetball.

  2. And was going to mention, yes, you should definitely get to Rucker, or Dyckman, or West 4th. My dad still says he had just as much fun at the game I took him to at Dyckman than he did at the old Yankee Stadium. The streetball games are unique NYC experiences.

  3. Wow! Have you seen “Gunnin’ for that number one shot” (or something like that) a quite decent documentary about 8 high school kids playing at the Rucker, including two of our own KLove and Michael Beasley.

    Baseball is my favorite sport, but basketball highlights are thrilling because of the way one person, Durant in this case, can take over and carry a team to victory.

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