A very good few days

It has been a pretty good run of late for this guy.

Thursday: Covered Michigan vs. North Dakota in the Frozen Four.

Friday: Worked a half day. Went to the Twins home opener as a fan. Had good seats, the weather was better and a good time was had.

Saturday: Played my first Minnesota round of golf at Logger’s Trail in Stillwater. Hit it OK for April 9. Since I was so close to Wisconsin, I drove to Hudson, picked up some New Glarus beer (unavailable in Minnesota) and smuggled it back across the border. Tonight, I’m covering the national championship hockey game between Michigan and Minnesota-Duluth.

Sunday: The weather is supposed to be dreadful, but I’m OK with that. Why? Because I’m going to watch every shot of the final found of the Masters. It will be glorious.



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