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If you’ve read this blog for more than three seconds, you probably have realized a couple of things: I like to share stories/videos/cool things and I like lists.

On Thursday, I watched a little bit of the Reds and Brewers. I saw the end of the Padres and St. Louis. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with the Twins during a pretty difficult road trip to star the season.

Just as how I like to see cool golf courses, I like seeing other MLB stadiums. I’ve never gone on a guys week-long baseball trip, but I try to see baseball during my travels. That was especially the case when I used to travel a lot more. I went to the Braves season opener on the day of the national championship game when the Final Four was in Atlanta. My only trip to Shea Stadium came when I was in New York for the NBA Draft and it goes on from there.

So here’s my list of MLB stadiums that are currently in use:

American League:

Camden Yards, Baltimore

Rogers Centre, Toronto

US Cellular Field, Chicago

Progressive Field, Cleveland

Target Field, Minnesota

Comerica Park, Detroit

Kaufmann Stadium, Kansas City

Angels Stadium, Anaheim

Oakland Coliseum, Oakland

Rangers Ballpark of Arlington, Texas

National League:

Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia

Turner Field, Atlanta

Busch Stadium, St. Louis

Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati

Miller Park, Milwaukee

PNC Park, Pittsburgh

Wrigley Field, Chicago

AT&T Park, San Francisco

Chase Field, Arizona

Coors Field, Colorado

Total: 20 of 30

Past stadiums:

Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, Atlanta

Busch Stadium, St. Louis

County Stadium, Milwaukee

Metrodome, Minnesota

Metropolitan Stadium, Minnesota

Riverfront Stadium/Cinergy Park, Cincinnati

Shea Stadium, New York

Totals: 7


I have taken the tour of Fenway Park. I covered basketball at Tropicana Field. But neither of those count.

What I want to see:

I have seen most of the parks that I really want to see. I should say that I want to see a game at Fenway, but I just don’t get that excited about the Red Sox. I feel the same way about the Yankees and the new Yankee Stadium.

The two that I’m probably most interested in seeing are Safeco Field in Seattle — which everyone says is the best retractable roof stadium — and Dodger Stadium. Safeco is supposed to be cool and is often mentioned by friends as their favorite. Dodger Stadium just seems so retro cool that it makes the list.

What’s on the agenda for this year:

Obviously I’ll be at Target Field a bunch between the upstairs 20-game package and working a little bit in the press box.

There are plans for a summer trip that very well may include stops at Miller Park and Comerica Park. Neither would be new, but that isn’t the end of the world. I really enjoyed Comerica last time and I think it is underrated. That rating might have been influenced by the fact I was there on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

So how many stadiums have you been to? Any big plans for summer baseball road trips?




8 thoughts on “The MLB stadium list

  1. Ok, here goes:

    In roughly chronological order:

    Past Spring Training:
    Ho Ho Kam Park (Cubs)

    Past Stadiums:
    Metrodome — The Twins won two championships there, without me. Tolerable in April and October. Fun when loud.
    Memorial Stadium (Baltimore) — It was about 106 degrees (ok, 97, via in the bleachers high above home plate when I visited in 1988.
    Yankee Stadium — I loathe the Yankees, but I loved how attuned to the game the fans were, with their roll call, and the chants. Twins fans could learn a bit more intensity from attending a Yankee game.
    Shea Stadium — Fans seemed apathetic, which fits the stadium and most Mets teams of the past decade or two pretty well.

    USCellular Field (When it was called New Comisky Park) — Very friendly fans there.
    Wrigley Field — Love the sightlines, but too many people who think it’s a singles bar.
    Kaufman Stadium — The fountains are unique.
    Oriole Park at Camden Yards — Ignited a revolution in stadium architecture, for good reason.
    Coors Field — Can’t beat the view of the mountains.
    Jacobs Field — Nice park, terrible team.
    Chase Fiend (when it was called Bank One Ballpark) — Not nearly as good as Safeco in the retractable dome category.
    Dodger Stadium — Historic (for the west coast), very cool, very California.
    AT&T Park (when it call called SBC) — Also nice, and reminds me of Target Field with the open concourses.
    Safeco Field — They closed the roof during the game, which was pretty cool. I love the sound of the trains and the sightlines.
    Target Field — I love the view from my seats in the upper reaches above home plate toward 3rd, watching the lights of downtown flicker on as the sun sets behind us is tough to beat. I’d like our fans to get a bit more riled up.

    I think it’s odd that I’ve never been to Milwaukee for a game–in County Stadium or Miller Park.

    My top places I’d like to go are Pittsburgh, which looks a lot like Target Field, and Fenway. I too, don’t care much about the Sox, but along with Dodger and Wrigley, it’s really the only other historic park still being used.

  2. My list:

    Past stadia:
    Metropolitan Stadium (1st ever game, 1st base side behind Twins’ dugout, Carew was *right* *there*)
    Metrodome (loud and quirky)
    Yankee Stadium (dripping with history)
    Shea Stadium (dripping)

    Still breathing:
    Fenway Park (still the cathedral of the pastime; had my camera stolen)
    The Big A (bizarre but not a bad place to catch a game)

    Looking forward to someday visiting:
    Target Field (top of the list by far)
    Oriole Park at Camden Yards (just ’cause)
    AT&T Park (the wife wouldn’t mind going with that view)
    Wrigley Field (always, since, like, ever)
    Kaufmann Stadium (for the fountains)
    Dodger Stadium (it still stands up)
    PNC Park (if I ever find myself in western PA with time to kill)

    If I get the chance to travel this summer it would be to pay homage to Target Field. End of list.

  3. Yankee stadium (the old) on a sunny Sunday afternoon was like heaven….. Been to Wrigley, Dodger, Fenway and many others as well but Comerica is also on my list this summer. And I’d like to see KC – except that it’s KC.

  4. I’ve been to 24 of the current 30 – missing the two New York parks, Washington, Arizona and the two in Florida.

    I also went to the former parks in Philly, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Baltimore, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Houston, Detroit and both Yankee and Shea Stadium.

    For me, it is a quest. I knock at least one off every year on a trip, and there are only a few I really haven’t liked. Favorites are Fenway, Dodger Stadium, PNC (Pittsburgh) and Camden Yards. Target Field is wonderful, too.


  5. I went to Citizens Bank Park, Camden Yards, Citi Field, Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium. I went to a Fenway Park tour two years ago. I hope to go to see the Nationals’ new park next year or something.

    Going to ballparks is a must if you are a diehard baseball fan like myself. You like to see all the new parks in place and enjoy the experience. Plus, there’s nothing like going around the country and seeing different cities. MLB has done a great job with all the new ballparks for the most park. I love the food over there. I love the sightlines. It’s great to be part of the action with seats being close to the game. One of my goals in life is to go to every ballpark in the country.

    Citizens Bank Park rock. I love the enthusiasm and the vibe that takes place at the park. I love every aspect of that stadium. You can see why fans flock to the place to see a great team win often. The fans are great there too IMO. I hooe you have a chance to go there, Jeff.

    Camden Yards used to be good, but management has done a great job of making that stadium rot IMO. It says a lot about how the Orioles do their business. It’s sad.

    The new Yankee Stadium is a dump. It’s really the old stadium with bigger seats and nothing more. I will say this. They have a great jumbotron at CF. I love watching that part of it. Other than that, it’s nothing appealing. I feel the same way about Citi Field.

  6. A very good list. 20 of the current 30, very nice. I don’t have near as many as you, one factor of not traveling enough. Yet, it’s an objective I’ve been working on the last several years, trying to hit as many as possible. Trying to get at least one new one a year nd have done so each of the past 4 years and will add another this year.

    For me: Fenway (haven’t hit the east coast as much), Target Field, Kaufmann, Angel Stadium, Rangers Ballpark, Wrigley, Miller Park, Coors Field, Dodger Stadium (my first). Also seen most of the AZ spring training sites. Will be hitting Camden Yards for the first time this year.

    Past stadiums include old Yankee Stadium and Metrodome.

    Favorite trip to this point, catching Friday night game at Fenway, Saturday day game at Old Yankee Stadium (final season) and finishing up with a Sunday day game at Fenway.

  7. It’s my dream to see a game at every ballpark in the country, and all of them are special. That said, may I advise you see your games in Texas before June. Both ballparks are awesome. Try to catch a game in Houston when the roof is open. When closed, it’s a dome. A dome is a dome, is a dome , is a dome…. With the roof opened, it really is a nice park with unique features. Don’t go for the food, it has the worst in MLB. Love the park in Arlington, but if you watch a game there during June, July, and August you will get what you ask for.

  8. 38 (travel on business a lot and love baseball – go Red Sox !!)

    Fenway – 200+ times
    Yankee (old) -15-20
    Yankee new – 1
    O’s Memorial – 2
    O’s Camden – 5 or 6
    Jay’s Skydome – 4 or 5
    Ray’s dump -1
    Royals Kauffman – 4 or 5
    Twins dome – 1
    Tiger – old Tiger Stadium – 1
    Tribe – Municpal – 4 or 5
    Tribes – Jake/Progressive – 4 or 5
    White Sox – Old Comisky – 1
    White Soc – new 2 or 3
    A’s – 1
    Rangers – old 1
    Rangers = Ballpark at A – 6 or 7
    Seattle – Sky Dome – 1
    Seattle – Safeco – 2
    Angel’s – Big A – 2
    Mets – Shea – 15-20
    Mets – New Shea – 1
    Phils – new 1
    Marlins – old 1
    Marlins – new 1
    Braves – old 2
    Braves – Turner 1
    Reds – new 2
    Astros – Dome 1
    Astros – Enron or whatever its now – 2
    Brewers – old 2
    Brewers – Miller 3
    Pirates – PNC 1
    Cards – new 1
    Cubs = Wrigley – 4 or 5
    Dodgers – 1
    Giants – Pac Bell 5
    A’s – 1
    Diamondbacks – 1

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