The Minnesota sports fan I feel the worst for

If it wouldn’t have been snowy and icy and all around awful this morning, I would have gotten a picture.

But I found the Minnesota sports fan that I feel the absolute worst for on my commute this morning.

As I pulled up to the stoplight at Winnetka Ave. and Highway 55, there was a Chevy Malibu in one car ahead of me in the other lane. It had a vanity license plate which read simply:


No, I’m not making this up. I couldn’t make that up if I tried. Now I like the NBA. I am one of a cast of many that split a pair of Timberwolves season tickets. I find some of their young players interesting. I think they should have been better this season, but I do think there are some good parts there.

But I can’t, for even a split-second, imagine a world in which I would consider a license plate with a Wolves reference on it.

Can you imagine the kind of lines that guy gets when he pulls into a crowded parking lot? Even mild-mannered me might say something to him. After all, the Wolves have the worst record in the Western Conference and the second-worst in all of the NBA.

But I guess I have to give him credit for being loyal. After all, the Wolves are about to complete their sixth consecutive losing season. In that stretch (since the beginning of the 2005-06 season), they are a combined 143-338

And he supports that team every time he gets in his car. Wow.


One thought on “The Minnesota sports fan I feel the worst for

  1. Good times and bad, baby. I had a Wolves bumper sticker in 1988. I missed most of the Garnett era moving here. I’m a lean year magnet. But you can’t help feeling that things will turn around. Youth and inexperience only needs to catch fire. AT is saying that there’s people not buying in – you’ll see some frank assessments coming and as soon as the CBA is sorted out, some intriguing moves with the cap space. Big question is still Rubio, Rubio, Rubio: will he or won’t he? If he does come over, succeed or fail? On his decision a lot of other moves balance. And he still needs to grow into the league, i.e. suffer the same growing pains as Pek. Uff da.

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