2 thoughts on “Good read on Dan Monson

  1. Hey Shelms,

    A good Dan Monson story for you. I sell to educational networks and there is one for Central MN, that is housed out of the Braham High School. I go there for my meeting and we get set-up. A bunch of people come walking into the conference room that we are in, telling us that we need to leave because they need the room. It is Isaiah Dahlman, his dad, Dan Monson and some of his assistants.

    We start talking a little bit and I decided to have a little fun with the situation being from Wisconsin originally. I told them I was Bo Ryan’s nephew. Everyone knew I was joking pretty quickly, but you could see Monson just getting pissed. This went on for a few minutes, I left the room and on the way out I said that I can’t believe that I’m getting thrown out of the room because I am Bo Ryan’s nephew. The assistant coaches laughed, Monson just got beat red.

    It just so happens that about an hour and a half later our meetings end at the same time, we all walk past each other in the hall. Isaiah’s dad goes “look it’s Bo Ryan’s nephew”. Monson ended up talking to other people at the school and the person I was meeting with got talked to. I know the pressure was mounting on him at this point of his Gopher tenure, but someone who makes a million plus a year needed to learn to roll with the punches a little bit better than that.

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