Random observations while being sick

Excuse me for the lack of posts of late. I’ve been in bed for much of the past 48 hours — minus a trip to the ahhh-some HealthPartners West Clinic urgent care in SLP.

While being sick is awful. And I can’t remember the last time I felt this bad for this long (I don’t feel out of the woods yet), it has allowed me to watch a lot of television and sports on television.

Some random observations:

– I didn’t think this would happen, but after watching the Gophers on TV on Saturday afternoon and Long Beach State on Saturday evening, the former Gophers coach had his team a whole lot better prepared and a whole lot more organized than the current Gophers coach.

– What was that thing Martin Kaymer was wearing around his neck today at the Match Play? It was a bad look. But as someone who picked Kaymer in my one-and-done fantasy golf league, I don’t care what he wears as long as he keeps winning. If he wins tomorrow, I think I move back into first place. If not, I’m very close. It has been a good week.

– Watched the ESPN 30 for 30 on Paul Westhead and Loyola Marymount. It is worth a watch. It isn’t as good as the Vlade Divac Once Brothers film, but it is good.

– Yes, The Jimmer is very good. And Pete Thamel\’s read on the BYU guard is a worth your time.

– You are going to hear much in the next couple of weeks that Virginia Tech is in the NCAA tournament after beating Duke on Saturday night. I’m not quite so convinced. That win gives them exactly one top 50 RPI victory. I think they have a chance, but when you have two fewer top 50 RPI wins than the Gopher, you better win a couple of more games.

– I officially care zero about the NFL Combine. I would rather watch girls high school hockey.

That’s it for tonight. I’m out.


One thought on “Random observations while being sick

  1. Rather than congratulate myself about how I told you so on the Gophers, I rather address about Tubby, Jeff.

    I lost faith in Tubby. This started during the tournament game last year against Xavier. The Gophers struggle to run an offense. We have been seeing this too often in Tubby’s tenure. You can only blame Monson for ever. Either Tubby figures it out or he hires someone that has a clue on offense. One of the first things Tubby needs to do is hire a guy that knows offense next year because it’s clear Tubby doesn’t. I still think Tubby can take the Gophers to success, but he has to make changes and address some of the issues next year.

    I have no idea how in the world has the NFL combine been this popular. I think fans were caught up with the Patriots’ success in the draft for all those years, and now they want to do their homework on those players, so that they can make recommendations on what their team should draft through sports radio or blogs or message boards.

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