About that dunk contest

Please read this post from my guy Wegobomber on Saturday\’s dunk contest.

I don’t have a whole lot to add to it other than I agree with a lot of it. If you roll though my past ramblings here on this tiny little spot of the internet, you’ll see that I like Blake Griffin. Quite a bit actually.

But I’m not certain he deserved to win the dunk contest. I’m not sure he deserved to get out of the first round. Not with a pretty pedestrian (by dunk contest standards) second dunk. Not when compared with what DeRozen did.

Here are the nut grafs of my guy’s arguement

“Two years ago, the dunk contest hit a low-point for me with the whole staged “Superman vs. KryptoNate” garbage. Along with the whole storyline of Shaq and Kobe kissing-and-making up (capped by their Co-MVP awards, amazing how the text-in your vote from hundreds of thousands of people could come out dead even), the All-Star weekend felt more like a WWE pay-per-view than a basketball competition. This year was even worse. I don’t need Daryl Dawkins struggling to read off a piece of paper, or Cheryl Miller asking an obviously rehearsed question. I definitely don’t need a child actor running onto the court to fetch a stuffed animal hanging on the rim (by the way, wouldn’t the kid be even more upset after Serge got the animal down on the first try, but cruelly put it back on the rim to complete his attempt?)

Back in the day, the dunk contest was nothing but a ball, a rim and the creativity of the most athletic players in the league. Watch some of the old classic Jordan vs. ‘Nique footage and you’ll see those guys stalking the court, trying to decide what dunk to do next. That spontaneity can’t happen today, when seemingly every dunk demands logistics planning weeks in advance.”

I’m not going to like, I agree with it. The NBA needed Blake in the finals and needed him to win. The car was there, the event was in Los Angeles. It smells just a little too fishy for me.


One thought on “About that dunk contest

  1. Fonzie jumped a Kia?

    If you look back to the seminal (ironic, considering) dunk contest between MJ and ‘Nique, one thought crossed my mind: “Dig those blinged-up chains on Jordan.”

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