Emptying my brain

I’m drowning in thoughts today. Many of them are short. Most of them are not exactly the most profound. Some of them have links. So here we go:

– I have told basically anyone who will listen in the past 24 hours that my favorite ad of the Super Bowl was the Chrysler/Eminem/Imported from Detroit ad. It was the only ad that I immediately watched again and I’ve seen it four or five more times online since then. I loved the tone, I loved how it was in contrast to the fluff and nonsense of so many other ads. Well, The Detroit Free Press wrote a very interesting story about the ad, the people in it and how it was made  in this morning’s paper.

Shortly after the ad aired, someone said, ‘But will it sell any cars?’ I don’t know the answer, but the story said this:

“Chrysler 200” was the No. 2 search term Sunday on Google, beating out the Black Eyed Peas, the band that performed during halftime. Traffic at the online car research site Edmunds.com shot up 267% for the Chrysler brand in the hours after the commercial aired — and 1619% for the Chrysler 200.

That says something. And if my Facebook feed is any indication, the ad inspired a significant amount of  pride among folks in Michigan. I can only imaging what it did for Chrysler employee engagement.

– While it was -8 this morning when I woke up, I have hope. Not only is it expected to be in the 30s this weekend, I also receved an email about fantasy baseball today. These are positive signs.

– I wasn’t surprised that a Twin Cities media outlet traveled to Japan to interview new infielder Nishioka. I was surprised that it was KARE 11, a station owned by a company that has repeately cut and cut and cut at any sign of trouble. Good for them.

– Ron Green Jr. from The Charlotte Observer delivers two good pieces. The more trivial is a blog post about PGA Tour golfer Tommy \’Two Gloves\’ Gainey and the very expensive 17th hole in Phoenix. I’d be cool with the former Big Break competitor making another run up the leaderboard because, as Ron says, “Gainey is perfect for the tour because he’s not like everyone else. He’s homemade, down to earth and as colorful as a box of Crayolas. You can see him grinding, slapping shots with that snake-killing swing of his and treating every shot as if the fate of the world hangs on it.”

The second story is about how the Wake Forest baseball coach gave one of his players a kidney. It is a very nice story. The sad part about it is that I would guarantee you that there’s a coach at another school wondering whether that is a NCAA violation.

– Since I might not be able to say this for long, I lead my one-and-done fantasy golf league. Last week, I got a top 10 from Bill Haas. This week, Nick Watney played a strong final 36 holes to move me into first.

– I have previously written about whether I miss being a sportswriter. Well, Eric Crawford of the Louisville Courier-Journal blogs (with video) about what it can sometimes be like to cover a game on deadline. It is a good view at what can sometimes happen inside the sausage factory.

– If you have NBA TV, turn it on tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 6:30 p.m. central time. You will see the Clippers play at the Knicks. Neither of these teams are going to win the title, but it will be entertaining. You will thank me later.

– Great Q&A with Spike Lee on espnnewyork.com. The best part is when he destroys Kevin Garnett. And I love that Spike is a big Landry Fields guy.

– It was 30 years ago today when R.E.M. recorded its first album, “Murmur.” Hat tip to CTR for posting that on Facebook.

– I have never been so excited for April 15. No, not for taxes. That fine day is when the final season of my favorite television show – Friday Night Lights – returns to NBC.

– On the topic of television: Yes, I will be setting the DVR for the return of Beavis and Butthead.

– And finally, best wishes to my colleague and loyal blog reader KK, who leaves tomorrow for Norway for a couple of weeks of service to our country.

– I am now a fan on Facebook of a page entitled: “Make the Twins throwbacks the every day home uniform.” You should be too.

That’s it, I’m out of here.


7 thoughts on “Emptying my brain

  1. And now a couple of thoughts for you my friend:

    1. Thanks for the shout out! Now please pray for a heat wave 🙂
    2. I am impressed with the content of this particular blog post, which is laden with baseball references. (WOOT!)
    3. You should work at Regions on Thursday, Feb. 10. Do it— and you can thank me later.

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  3. Jeff – agree with you 100% on the Chrysler ad…one of the best I’ve seen and YES it did make me want to buy one and will consider it the next time I’m in the market. I’ve been a VW guy for awhile now and this commercial will definitely make me at least research and consider the next time I purchase.

  4. Final episode of FNL is on Direct TV tonight. I’ll be DVRing it, so remind me not to spoil anything next time we work together 🙂

    • Czech, I don’t want to hear anything about the FNL episode. I can handle you talking about the Packers, but I can’t handle FNL spoilers.

      • I’d give it two periods of Packers talk during a Wild game before you’re begging me to spoil the wholse FNL season.

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