Holy Sand Hills pictures and write up

I don’t know Matt, the golfing blogger from St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada and Golf Club Atlas poster. But I do know that he has written about 1,000,000 words on his trip this past summer to Sand Hills Golf Club, the gem in Mullen, Neb.

I haven’t played this Coore and Crenshaw gem, but it seems like an awesome place. If Ihad a golf bucket list — maybe I should put one together — this would be on it.

Matt wrote so much about Sand Hills — both on the experience and the golf course  — that he needed to do it in two posts.

The first post is here. In it, he talks about how cool the place is and has a number of pictures of the non-golf portions of the place.

The second post went up today. I gave it only a quick glance and it looks really good. So many pictures. Looks fantastic.

So give our Canadian friend some traffic. The pictures are tremendous. And considering it is snowing — again — these photos might be the only thing to keep me going until spring.


One thought on “Holy Sand Hills pictures and write up

  1. Matt does a nice job in his course descriptions. I had the pleasure of meeting Matt at Ballyneal the week before and have followed his blog since. Jeff, congrats on getting your own blog up and running. You need to see Sand Hills as soon as you get the chance.

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