A thumbs up for RichRod **UPDATED**

I never really had a strong opinion of now former Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez. I was surprised that he didn’t have more success at Michigan, but that’s another story for another day.

But I will give him credit for what he did this week. Fired from his job, he made a difference. Coaches get a lot of gear. Rodriguez was no different. And what do you do with that stuff after you get fired? I can’t imagine him wearing more maize and blue.

Well the folks at annarbor.com have a nice story about RichRod donating about 400 items to the Salvation Army. He even autographed some hats.

The Salvation Army then held an auction and raised a bunch of money. I’m not usually a defender of football coaches, but this was nice. And instead of just leaving town, Rodriguez did some good.

UPDATE: annarbor.com had an update on the money raised.  It turns out that the RichRod donations raised $16,200 for the Salvation Army.

The list of items included: 23 pairs of shorts, 23 pairs of pants, 139 T-shirts, 15 long-sleeved pullovers, 30 windbreakers, 31 buttoned down shirts, six jackets, seven new shirts, two tank tops, 26 baseball caps, six hats as well as other items


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