First Tiger Woods 12 videos.

As you can see below, I’m fired up about Augusta National being in Tiger Woods 12.

Here are a couple of short videos that shows some clips of the course.

The first:

And the second:


2 thoughts on “First Tiger Woods 12 videos.

  1. So, is it your understanding that Augusta AND Hazeltine will both be in TW12? If so, I might have to make another purchase. I don’t typically buy the Tiger series, year after year. I usually have one that I will play long after others come out. Even though I had the previous version, I had to go out and get TW10 because of Hazeltine. I’ve never played Hazeltine, been on the course twice for the majors, but had to have that game when it came out. Still have it, but if both Augusta and Hazeltine are on the new one, I will replace. I can’t find info about whether Hazeltine is on the new one. I thought I read somewhere that you wrote they got into a 3-year agreement? So, both Augusta and Hazeltine on the new one?

  2. B, I don’t know for sure, but my sense is that both Hazeltine and Augusta will be on there. I guess we’ll know more when we get closer to the release date.

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