I felt like a resolutionist

I know it is totally cliche. I went to the gym today. On Jan. 2.

Normally it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal. It would have been simply the continuation of something. But this felt like starting over.

I am streaky when it comes to getting to the gym. I admit it. During the golf season I simply don’t go to the gym as I’d rather spend the time playing golf. If I’m going to do something else, I’m going to ride my bike.

Usually in the fall I’m better. I quit playing golf and I get into some sort of fitness routine. But this fall has been tough. I don’t know if it is the fact that I have a new job and am getting used to getting up earlier (and trying to get to bed earlier as well), but I find myself struggling to get to the gym.

I think I went to one spinning class in the fall. I found nothing that resembled a routine. I think I went to the gym twice in December.

That needs to change. I need to make it a habit. I need to remember how good it feels to get a good workout in. I need to lose a few pounds and see progress. And as much as I hate it, I need to start lifting some weights.

I also need to drink more water. That’s as important to me as getting to the gym.

Today was a start. Tuesday will be a continuation. Thursday will be another step toward building a habit. I’ve got some goals and I’m going to do my best to reach them.

I don’t want to feel like a resolutionist, one of those people that takes up space at the gym and in the parking lot in January and is never to be seen again by mid-February. If I resolve to do anything, it is not to be one of those people.



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