Holy Sand Hills pictures and write up

I don’t know Matt, the golfing blogger from St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada and Golf Club Atlas poster. But I do know that he has written about 1,000,000 words on his trip this past summer to Sand Hills Golf Club, the gem in Mullen, Neb.

I haven’t played this Coore and Crenshaw gem, but it seems like an awesome place. If Ihad a golf bucket list — maybe I should put one together — this would be on it.

Matt wrote so much about Sand Hills — both on the experience and the golf course  — that he needed to do it in two posts.

The first post is here. In it, he talks about how cool the place is and has a number of pictures of the non-golf portions of the place.

The second post went up today. I gave it only a quick glance and it looks really good. So many pictures. Looks fantastic.

So give our Canadian friend some traffic. The pictures are tremendous. And considering it is snowing — again — these photos might be the only thing to keep me going until spring.

Trying to embrace winter

I do realize that I live in Minneapolis. I know that we experience that thing called winter. I knew what I was getting myself into when I moved back to Minnesota from North Carolina in 2000.

I shouldn’t complain about it. I know that. But I don’t love winter. I can live with the snow, but I loathe the cold. The past month has been filled with especially brutal weekends.

When I returned from Christmas in Phoenix, I vowed to myself that I was going to again break out my cross-country skis that I bought a few years ago. When I moved from being a sports reporter to being a metro reporter, my winter workload was decreased. I worked five days a week instead of six or seven and had almost every weekend off.

Early that winter, I bought a pair of Atomic cross-country skis. I skied a pretty good amount as a kid growing up in the Willmar metroplex. Starting as an elementary school kid, our family would go up and ski at Sibley State Park on a very regular basis. I don’t think we went every weekend, but it seemed like we would go at least a couple of times a month.

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Required Reading: How Raf prepares

I feel almost guilty posting this story. I am a fan of Bill Raftery, the college hoops color guy who has a knack of being interesting, informative and fully as hell at the same time.

The Wall Street Journal brings it with a nice and interesting piece on Raf\’s preparation for the games he works.

And it is work. I don’t think many fans and viewers understand the challenge that is live TV. It is tough work describing what you see in real time with your own eyes and providing instant analysis.

Anyway, it’s worth a read.

Required Reading: Jan 27

Two good ones today from the last 24 hours. Both under in the subject area of college sports.

The first is an espn.com story about Nate Fleming, one of the people who died a decade ago when an Oklahoma State basketball plane crashed on the way back from a game at Colorado. Written by the very talented Tom Friend, this is just a fantastic piece.  Just fantastic.

Second is a column from Dennis Dodd of cbssports.com about the number of deaths in the last decade around college football workouts. Obviously this is a story now because of the news that a dozen Iowa football players are currently hospitalized after a tough workout.

One-and-done golf pick: Torrey Pines

This week is the first week of the very fun fantasy golf league I’m in where you pick one golfer each week. The catch and fun is that you can only a golfer once in the year.

My pick: Bill Haas. I didn’t want a guy who was making his season debut, but I also didn’t want somebody who has played in all three events this season. Haas has played twice, has been very solid and lost in a playoff last week. He was a fairly popular pick, but that’s OK this early in the year.