Great news for golf freaks: You can still listen on XM

Steve Elling dropped this little nugget last week when I was in Arizona:

XM doesn’t get X-out from PGA Tour after all –

The gist of the story is that the PGA Tour is going to remain on XM moving forward. I never had any idea that there were potential hangups with this, but I’m glad things are going to continue largely as is.

I love my XM. It has totally replaced regular radio. Yes I pay a fee each month, but that means I don’t have to listen to many commercials (most channels are commercial-free, but others have some) and I can listen to a wide variety of music. I love that in the summer I can listen to every Major League Baseball game and I have reached the point where I can now associate voices of play-by-play announcers with specific teams.

I’m also a fan of the PGA Tour Network. I don’t listen to many of the talk shows, but I do listen to tournament action if I’m in the car. Part of it, I think, is that I have a slight fantasy golf addiction (more on that later), but they do a nice job keeping listeners up to date. I don’t watch as much golf on TV as you might expect, but I do like to keep up.

And I’m glad I will be able to moving forward.


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