Should I feel bad that I didn’t care about the Ryder Cup?

As I sit here on a Tuesday afternoon, that is the one question I keep asking myself.

This weekend was professional golf’s premier team match play event. There were the Americans on one side with the leaky rain gear and the ban on Twitter. And there were the Euros on the other side.

Apparently our American lads put on quite a rally yesterday. Ricky Fowler was clutch when he needed to be, the dude named Tiger played as well as he has played since the “car accident” and it came down to the wire.

All I know is that I barely watched any of it. I watched a tiny bit late on Thursday night/early on Friday morning. I saw maybe 30 minutes on Saturday morning. The only reason I saw anything on Sunday was because of a frost delay here. And I saw about three minutes on Monday morning before running off to work.

Maybe I should have cared more. But I kind of wonder why I didn’t. The time of the matches were an obvious factor. But the golf course didn’t really help either.

I guess I don’t understand what the both the European PGA and PGA of America are doing with this event when it comes to picking sites. Well, I guess I do understand, they are trying to print as much money as possible.

But to me, the course choices — especially on the European side — are puzzling. Why would you play the Ryder Cup in Wales on a course that would fit right in in Florida. Why would you play it on a long course that has all of the par 3s be essentially be the same length and a bunch of par 4s in the same ballpark. The same can be said for the K Club four years ago. It didn’t seem that special and aside from the uniforms, looked a lot like a typical week on the PGA Tour.

I would love to see an event on a course with lots of half-par holes where players can make a bunch of birdies. Let’s have wild swings and guys tying holes with birdies and forcing players to have to hit it close all day.

Anyway, that’s probably enough of a rant. I wasn’t inspired. I’m not totally sure why.