Hitting the wall

Maybe this is simply a combination of lots of play this summer, less daylight, a busier schedule and weather that has been spotty, but I have hit a little bit of a wall when it comes to golf.

Since Aug. 22, I have played only four times. I played nine holes on Thursday the 26th, played both weekend days on the 28th and 29th, but didn’t play at all last week during the week. Over the Labor Day weekend, I played only on Saturday afternoon as I covered the Twins game on Sunday and worked on Monday. As I sit here on the unofficial first day of fall, I think I’m going to get out for nine holes tomorrow night, but that might be it until the weekend.

I don’t know what led to this little lull (for me), but it came a little earlier than expected. I am, however, starting to get over it. Next weekend, I am going to St. Cloud to tee it up with my buddy Tom and I think I’m getting hooked up for free golf on Sunday at Troy Burne — a course that is, in my estimation, the best public course in the Twin Cities area.

That state of my game isn’t where I want it to be either. I’m not hitting it awful, but I’m also not really scoring. It is just small mistake after small mistake that lead to a less-than-satisfying score.

Saturday, for example, I made two doubles. The first was when I kind of fanned a hybrid high and right into the wind and into the hazard on the first hole.

The second came on No. 10 where I made a brutal chip and then three-putted. It was a mess. Anyway, ended up with 82 with two doubles. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.