Adjusting the bag for two shots?

As I have written about, the beginning of this golf season meant a change in my primary golf venue. The move has been very positive for me, but the golf course has left me fiddling with my bag.

Now, to be totally honest, I don’t need much motivation to make changes in my bag. As they would call it on, I’m a bit of a club ho. I love golf clubs. I love trying new sticks to the point where I joke that I will replace a club before I get it regripped.

My new course has two holes that have left me looking around for the right club. The first, No. 7, is a 209 yard par 3 that plays a little bit uphill and there is almost a false front (you can have a front pin, but there is serious slope to get to the middle and the back). The second, No. 15, is a 200 yard par 3 with a bunker front left. When the pin is tucked behind the bunker, it can be tough to get to.

When this season began, the two longest tenured clubs in my bag were my 16 and 19 degree TaylorMade Rescue Dual hybrids. But as the season went along, those two par 3s were becoming serious challenges. Getting the 16 degree to No. 7 was very difficult unless it was dead calm or the wind was totally helping. I was cool with front pin on No. 15, but anything else was tough.

So I’ve been on the hunt for the right new hybrid that will give me a little more. I don’t need a lot more — six more yards would be great.

The first thing I tried was the new Adams Super Hybrid that was 17 degrees. It has more loft than my TM, but the shaft is a bit longer, which should allow for a little more clubhead speed and, in turn, distance. It has been OK, but I’m not sure it is the 100 percent solution. It has gotten me to the middle of the No. 7 green a few times, but the club isn’t quite as forgiving as I would potentially like.

At some point today, a box is going to arrive at my house that has a 16 degree Exotics XCG 3 hybrid in it. I had the original Exotics 3 wood and there’s little question that the little Illinois company has found a way to create clubs that generate serious ball speed. I scored the club on eBay and hopefully it will be the answer. While I haven’t hit it, I like that the clubhead is a little smaller than the Super Hybrid. Having one degree less of loft may help as well.

I’m not getting out tonight, but will play tomorrow evening. I’m looking forward to a little head-to-head comparison.

I’m guessing that by this time next week, I will have a winner and one of these bad boys will be on eBay or on the BST section of golfwrx. If I don’t have a winner, I’m not sure what I will do. I guess getting a 5 wood in the 18 degree range could be an answer. I’ve had great success with my current Callaway 3+ wood, so getting the 5 wood of that model might work. Not sure that I want to even go there yet.

Hopefully the Exotics will be the answer.


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