I’m becoming what I used to hate

Despite being a former journalist, I pretty much loathe the way the mainstream press equates coverage of professional golf to coverage of Tiger.

So despite Tiger finishing a million shots back and having not really been a factor on Sunday any any of this year’s first three majors, I’m going to give my blog reader (yes, you) two little items.

1. I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t what the folks at Nike Golf were hoping for this week. Much was made early this week about Tiger’s move to the Method putter. Well, that lasted less than a week. After three rounds, Tiger went back to his trusty Scotty Cameron. Can’t imagine that’s going to really push sales.

2. I don’t always know a lot, but I do know that Joe Posnanski might be the best sports writer of my generation. That’s why I certainly wanted to read his take on Tiger. In a nutshell, he says that it isn’t completely crazy to write off Tiger You can read it here.


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