What I’m interested in seeing this week

I’m guessing the folks at the Nike Golf compound are both excited and anxious this week as they watch what I think is one of the most interesting storylines of the Open Championship.

While it was clear earlier in the week, it was still a little weird seeing Tiger Woods rolling putts this morning with the Nike Method putter rather than his trusty Scotty Cameron putter that he has used throughout his career.

I, as nothing more than an observer, am interested to see what happens moving forward. Let’s say Tiger plays well, putts well and wins. Does the Method then begin to fly off of shelves across the country? What happens if he plays well and putts well, but doesn’t win? Is there the same kind of bump?

I have seen the Method and putted with it on the inside putting green at Golfsmith and Golf Galaxy and have found the putter to be interesting. There does seem to something to the grooved face allowing the ball to roll off of the face, rather than bounce. I haven’t tried it on a real green, however.

If I was in the market for a new putter — I’m not as I am quite pleased with my Scotty Cameron Newport 2.6 that I purchased last summer at a good price — I would be open minded enough to try out the Method.

The interesting thing is that I have yet to know/see one person who is using the Method. And I think that is why this weekend is so interesting for Nike Golf. Because while the putter (or some version of the putter) was used by both Lucas Glover and Stewart Cink when they won majors last season, it seems to be priced in a difficult spot.

With a $250 price tag, the Method is cheaper than Scotty Cameron putters (most of which run for about $300). But if you’re going to spend $250 on a putter, it seems like it isn’t that much of a stretch to spend $300. And that has nothing to do with the fact that there are more Cameron options for putters. The Method is basically at the same price point as the milled Ping Redwood putter. And while those things look very nice, I don’t see many of them around either.

To me, it just seems like there are way too many really good options in the $150-$200 range for players. If I was in the market for a putter, I’d also consider both a SeeMore and a Rife — both of which are in that range.

So can Tiger’s putting push the needle on the Method? It seems like an interesting putter. But I’m guessing that the folks at Nike are hoping for three more solid days from their main guy.


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