Finding my mojo

As we all know, Dr. Evil stole Austin Powers’ mojo in one of the trio of fine Mike Meyers films. Eventually our British hero thaws out, finds his mojo and again starts shagging.

I haven’t been frozen, but for quite a while I haven’t really had my mojo. Over the past two years, my scores haven’t been quite as low and my handicap has started creeping higher. Getting a score in the neighborhood of par became more and more difficult and simply breaking 80 became the goal.

I think (knock wood) that is starting to change.

This golf season has seen something of a change. I’ve played more golf (hence the lack of posts), I’ve made a few tweaks to my bag, I’m happier when I go to the course. As someone who needs to play to feel comfortable with my game, this has been a good combination.

And of late, I’ve started to sense a changing of my expectations. I don’t worry so much about making an early bogey or two, I don’t get as uncomfortable when I string six or seven pars in a row, and my goals are to go lower than before.

At a recent round in Michigan, I was only a couple over par before making a late bogey and two doubles to finish for 79. On July 5, I played with my friend Tom at Blackberry Ridge in Sartell. After something of a rough start (+3 after five holes), I played 1-under the rest of the way for a 74 that was very calm. I simply hit fairways and greens and made a lot of pars.

While I’ve had some good rounds over the past month, that round was something new. There was a small bit of cash on the line, I was playing with a bunch of guys, it was a course that I have played a few times, but don’t know completely. In other words, it wasn’t a totally relaxed situation

I followed that up with two very solid rounds at my home course. Lots of pars, a few birdies, no major mistakes. I have reached the point where I feel like every putt I take from inside 15 or so is going in. I’m just really confident.

I know this can go away in a huge hurry. I’m playing my former course today that is more difficult so I might come back to earth. In addition, the driver has gotten a little loose over the last few days. But for the first time in a while, I feel good about my game. And that’s a pretty good start toward getting my mojo back.


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