To try or not to try

Twice in the past week or so, an email from the Minnesota Golf Association has landed in my inbox. Both have said essentially the same thing: The deadline is approaching for the Players Championship and the Mid-Players. And, by the way, the State Amateur deadline isn’t all that far away either.

I’d really like to fancy myself as a good golfer. I really would. But I’m not a good golfer. I’m an above average and I’ve pretty much come to grips with that. There are good number of days when I shoot in the 70s, a few days a summer when I’m around par, but there will also be some days when I have to work hard to break 90. There will also be a bunch of days when something is off, I can’t string together good shots and I end up making easy bogey after easy bogey and finish with 83 or so. It happens.

That’s why I don’t really know whether I should try to qualify for anything. I didn’t try to qualify for anything last year and it has been at least two years since I played in the Mid-Am. I kind of want to change that a little bit. I have tried to qualify for state events in the past and I always seem to be good enough to just not make it. I’ve missed a playoff by one on a few occasions. I’ve missed by two a bunch of times. So what to do?

I won’t try for the true Players. That is just way too difficult and the young kids are just too good. But I sometimes wonder if the Mid-Players is possible.

A year ago, shooting 77 at a couple of spots was enough to get in. Obviously, I don’t know what the weather was like those days, but that’s not impossible for me.

I will probably try for the State Am if for no other reason than that one of the qualifying sites is the course I grew up on. It would be an excuse to go home, see my grandma and play out there.

But if I have more rounds like I did on Monday night, I don’t like my chances of moving on. It has been a while since I had more doubles than birdies in a round, but I pulled that off after work. The good news, however, was that I did get a full 18 holes in after leaving the office.

Round 18 featured two doubles. On No. 8, I tried to play it smart and hit 3-wood off of the tee. Then I hooked it off the planet. On No. 14, I made a mess of the right greenside bunker for another double.

I did make a birdie on 12 after a good 3-wood off the tee, a hybrid just short (hole was downwind) and a good wedge to 5 feet or so.

The update:

April totals: 15 birdies, 8 doubles. (199 holes)
Season totals: 18 birdies, 14 doubles (250 holes).


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