Why do you have to be inconsiderate?

I was going to write about something else, but that changed Saturday afternoon when I went out to play.

As I have mentioned, I have a new place to play this season. Even though we have almost reached the end of April, I still very much feel like the new kid at school. I don’t really know anybody. Most of my rounds have been played late in the day and by myself. I played nine holes with a guy on my first day there and played with three other guys one Saturday afternoon. All of that is fine as some of it is on me as well.

But I’m not a big fan of rude. After the Saturday morning season-opening scramble was rained out, it got better as the day went along. I got out there about 4:30 for as many holes as I could play in three hours before having to get home for dinner and Hot Tub Time Machine.

I roll into the golf shop and am told I can follow a foursome that is playing an ’emergency nine.’ I walk up to the tee and there’s a single guy just walking off the first tee. Dudes in the cart go in for drinks and take their sweet time so I put my bag near the first tee, grab my putter and roll some putts.

If I’m those guys, I see a single who looks like he has an idea of how to play and ask him to go. But not these guys. It was as if I was invisible.

So I follow these guys around. I try not to be up on their backsides all the time so I take extra putts on greens after I finish, sometimes I chip some balls. But the gap between the single and the foursome I’m following grows and grows.

When I got to the fifth tee, the foursome is barely hitting their second shots on the par 5. The single, however is putting out on No. 6. He was on No. 8 before the foursome was on No. 6. Without question.

Why wouldn’t these guys just holler at me and tell me to go? I just don’t get it. I hope this isn’t the new reality because that wouldn’t have happened at the old place.

A recap of recent golf.

Round 15. Thursday night. 16 holes. Started on 10 because there was a high school girls meet on the front 9. Played very solid, finished 3-over. Finally hit it on a good line on No. 16 and made a birdie. That made up for snapping one into the water on 12 (bogey).

Round 16. Nine holes after work on Friday. Only played nine because it looked like it was going to pour at any moment. Made an awful double on No. 6. Had to punch out on my second shot after a horrible tee shot left. Hit my third shot onto the green, but then proceeded to three-slap for double. Did make a tap-in birdie on No. 2, which was way downwind and I hit the green in two with a 4-iron second shot.

Round 17. Nine holes late on Saturday after the rain quit. Nothing too exciting. Made two bogeys and seven pars for a routine 38.

Updated totals after 17 trips to the golf course:

April totals: 14 birdies, 6 doubles. (181 holes)
Season totals: 17 birdies, 12 doubles (232 holes).


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