Getting back into the swing

I would say that the downside of having a job is that sometimes it just gets in the way of your golf game. Last week was one of those times.

Between trying to keep a bunch of balls in the air at work and some stupid windy days, I went a week without touching a club or hitting a ball.

That isn’t a good thing.

I am a golfer that needs some reps, but I can burn out as well. Play too little and my game kind of goes south. Play every day for a long time and I lose focus. I have great respect for guys who can play only on the weekends and still play well. It just doesn’t work for me.

So the beginning of this week has been about getting back into it. Played 18 holes on Sunday with a couple of friends for Round 12. Other than the fact that I busted out shorts and exposed my pasty white legs to the sun for the first time, there wasn’t a whole lot of excitement. I didn’t make a birdie and I didn’t make a double. I played the same ball all the way around. I actually got on a nice par stretch on the back nine, carding eight in a row before a bad drive on 18 led to a bogey for an inward 37 and a 77 total.

Round 13 was a surprise nine holes on Monday night. The weather was perfect and I went out on a whim after work. I walked directly to the 10th tee and zipped around the back nine in about 1:10. Made one birdie — No. 12 after a perfect driver and a good long hybrid left me just paces from the green in two. Hit a nice 53 degree chip up to 2 1/2 feet and rolled in the putt. Was in position for an even par back nine, but then I pumped my tee shot on 18 into the water. Did manage to save bogey from there.

Round 14 was 12 holes after work on Tuesday night. The round started well as I hit a good tee shot on No. 1 and then stuffed 9-iron to a foot for my only birdie of the night. After missing a very makable birdie putt on No. 6, I went bogey, bogey, bogey to finish the front nine. Then made bogey on 11. Wasn’t my best effort, but I have had far worse times on the golf course.

Updated totals after 14 trips to the golf course:
April totals: 12 birdies, 5 doubles. (147 holes)
Season totals: 15 birdies, 11 doubles (198 holes).


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