Masters in 3D

Thanks to a friend, I scored an invite to a Comcast event on Friday afternoon at Midland Hills CC. There was food and drink and good company, but the highlight was the television.

The folks at Comcast had two big 3D TVs set up and the Masters was playing. So I put on the goofy glasses and watched for a while.

The quick verdict is that it was cool, but not that practical. You could certainly see where guys where and there was good depth perception. In addition, you could really get a better sense of the changes in elevation on the golf course than on a HD screen.

There were a couple of cons: I kind of got a headache from watching it. It could have been from putting the 3D glasses over my glasses. Plus the pricetag is pretty large at this point.

It was certainly cool, but I’m not going to run out and immediately buy a 3D set.

Followed up the 3D viewing with 9 holes on Friday night and 18 more on Saturday afternoon. Friday was very solid. Saturday wasn’t as great, but I scored OK. I’m starting to get things figured out with this new driver. As long as I don’t try to swing too hard, it really goes straight.

I did make a nice birdie on Friday night on No. 4. I drove it just off of the left side of the fairway and ended up in a fairway bunker. Didn’t matter as I got it up and down.

On Saturday, I made a mess of No. 10, hooking a tee ball into the left water for a double. I did respond with a good 3 wood and hybrid on No. 12 to make birdie.

Here are the totals after rounds 9 and 10:

April totals: 10 birdies, 4 doubles. (90 holes)
Season totals: 13 birdies, 10 doubles (141 holes)


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