Baseball vs. Golf

I do like baseball. I’m in a fantasy baseball league once again, but expect to finish squarely in the middle of the pack. I watch the Twins when they are on TV. And I got a pair of 20-game season tickets for the first year of Target Field.

The last part is significant because I’ve never been anything close to a season ticket holder of a pro team. Call it the transition from being a reporter to being a fan.

But where does all of this fit in with golf. As I type, I’m watching the Twins open their season at the Angels.

When I bought the 20-game pack, I did so with the idea that I would sell some tickets at face value to friends and co-workers.

Is it wrong that I let golf pretty much determine which games to keep and which to sell? But that’s pretty much the case. Why, after all, would I keep tickets to a day game on a Saturday or Sunday? Isn’t a 1 p.m. start pretty much the worst time? It’s tough to play golf before and make the game on time. And it’s tough to go to a game and then rush out to the course.

As a result, I kept primarily weekday night games and Friday and Saturday night games. I don’t think that makes me a bad person.

Because while I like my baseball, I do love my golf.

Two more rounds to update here:

Round 6: Post Easter golf. Didn’t quite finish but got 15 holes in at Burl Oaks. Hit a perfect drive on No. 4, hit a smooth little pitching wedge in to a front pin to about two feet. Three holes later, I made a total mess of No. 7. Hooked hybrid, a crappy chip over the green, a chip barely on and two putts = doubles.

Round 7: Nine holes after work. Very uneventful 37 on the back. Two bogeys and then made my first birdie on No. 18. Decent drive (more on that club tomorrow) and a good 8-iron to 5 feet. Poured it in for a good birdie.

April totals: 7 birdies, 2 doubles. (54 holes)
Season totals: 10 birdies, 8 doubles (105 holes)


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