The first three rounds

I know you’ve heard this before, but I truly am amazed that we played golf in March. And on real courses.

Usually March golf is played at places that are simply dying for whatever revenue they can generate and don’t really care about what happens to the golf course. These are the same places that are open in mid-November when most decent places have long covered their greens and shut down.

But this year was different. Despite a good amount of snow in January and February, there was nothing in March. Throw in a ton of warm days and — presto — there were courses opening all over the place. There were private courses open in March for the first time in recent memory. It was freaky and might never happen again.

Because of that, I sit here on April 1 with three Minnesota golf rounds already recorded. OK, two full rounds and then 15 holes the other night. Here’s the B vs. D update.

Rounds 1 and 2: Played Saturday and Sunday at Mendakota as my membership there was valid until the end of March. The final two rounds were about as expected for March golf as there were good swings and bad ones. Throw in scoring conditions that were less than ideal on Sunday (wind and cold) and Doubles are currently leading Birdies.

Round 1: 2 doubles, 0 birdies
Round 2: Opened by holing out a wedge from 100 yards for eagle. Then made 3 doubles as the day went along.

Total: Doubles lead 5-1

Round 3: Played 15 holes after work on Tuesday at night at Burl Oaks Golf Club, my new home for golf. It was a lovely evening despite some wind.

I hit the ball much better and really hit it close a couple of times. I hit it to about four feet on the par 5 5th hole and hit a great 3-wood into the wind on No. 7, a 207-yard, uphill par 3. Both were birdies. Throw in avoiding any sort of serious trouble and I was able to make up some ground.

March totals: Doubles 5, Birdies 3
Overall totals: Doubles 5, Birdies 3.


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