A new topic. A simple goal

I have blogged here at this little spot on the internet in the past. It was pretty much a place for me to talk about my change from a journalist to a public relations professional or about whatever what was on my mind.

Those posts — which were not exactly frequent — have been purged. I would guess they are somewhere on the internet if someone really looks hard enough.

Instead of talking about the struggles of the newspaper business and my escape from it, I’m going to write about something that I have much more interest in. I’m not going to be one of those PR people who simply blog about work and social media (not that there is anything wrong with that). Nope I’m going to blog about golf.

The start of this 2010 golf season has been nothing short of amazing. Thanks to a fantastic March that saw little more than a few flakes of snow fall from the sky, pretty much every golf course in the Twin Cities is open or on the verge of opening. I played 36 holes over the weekend and another 15 holes tonight after work. I have played March golf in Minnesota in the past, but never this many holes or at this quality of courses.

Restarting my blog and writing about my game, courses I play, equipment I try and the like has been something I’ve considered for a little while. As I played my first round of the season on Saturday, I had some clarity.

When I play well, it is because I eliminate mistakes and avoid making double bogey or worse. When I start making 6s and 7s, my score balloons like crazy. I certainly make some birdies, but I’m not one of these guys who makes birdie after birdie.

I’m also someone who does will with big, macro goals. I’m not good at keeping stats on fairways hit or greens in regulation.

So after a couple of years of average golf for me, I want to get better. I’m going to track it with a very simple goal: I want to make more birdies or better than double bogeys or worse. I think if I do that, I just might see some progress with my game.

Because I don’t want to practice on a regular basis, I’m never going to be a great player. The goal almost every time that I tee it up is to shoot in the 70s for 18 holes. To do that, however, means avoiding serious trouble.

Can I reach this goal and finish the season with more circles on the scorecard than doubles or worse? I honestly have no idea. I’ve never tracked my scoring this way. I expect to make more doubles early in the season than birdies, but I think the good holes will be more frequent as we get into the season.

For this to happen, it means that I have to play smarter and probably a little more conservative. I’ll need to take my medicine at times and play for a bogey. I’ll also need to convert good opportunities.

I hope that I will write about other things more than just brief updates. But we’ll see about that.